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Latest Information On The Neonatal Nurse Salary

What to expect for a neonatal nurse earning varies a great deal depending on the level of education and the years of experience. This is still a rather new branch of nursing and there are many variables and factors involved in determining the salary. On the average, though, those who qualify can expect to receive between $48,000 to $68,000 annually.

Newborn infants are the specialty training of a neonatal medical expert. Caring for healthy infants is important to know. But it is equally important to be able to diagnose any serious problems that might arise with newborns. Being able to analyze the problem and take action is essential. Newborns are very delicate and overlooking just a small detail in their condition can be crucial.

Generally speaking, there are 3 categories for this type of nursing and the pay scale rises according to the level of expertise required. Level One means general care for normal infants, making sure they are fed, content and happy. Level Two involves caring for those with breathing difficulties or other unusual conditions. Level Three means caring for newborns who are in ICU or just had an operation.

It takes a lot of dedication to succeed in this nursing specialty. That is because it means studying for six years or more past high school as well as 600 hours of practical training. Those who choose this field must be committed to taking additional courses and training to stay abreast of the latest advances.

It is possible to go on to specialized nursing training after graduating with a general bachelor degree. However, the fastest way to finish the educational requirements would be by graduating from college with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, or BSN. Many colleges now offer four year nursing programs that provide a BSN degree.

For more job opportunities and higher pay, it is advisable to obtain the BSN degree. Employees generally choose those who have this type of degree. After that, the next objective is getting an RN, or registered nurse, certificate. The requirements for this vary throughout the USA. However, every state will expect a passing grade on their official state nursing exam.

It is not only getting the BSN degree and RN certificate that is important. Another vital factor for determining the level of pay is the amount of work experience obtained. Less than 12 months of clinical experience is rated as low level income. Those on this level receive $50,000 to $70,000 yearly.

Those with one to five years of experience are considered medium income earners and can expect income in the range of $69,000 to $81,000. Those who have six to ten years of experience can often command a salary close to $100,000.

The neonatal nurse salary varies depending on the type of education received as well as the number of years of clinical experience. Another factor that determines income level is scarcity and demand. For instance, Australia has a scarcity of medical personnel so those there can get higher pay.

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