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Physician Assistant Requirements

Have you ever thought of becoming a physician's assistant? This is a pretty new position in the medical field, and it deals with human illness along with general health care services. You will essentially be acting as a physician, and as long as the right supervision is present, you will be working in a physician's office. You will also be able to provide counsel on preventative health care, assist in surgical operations, and of course write prescriptions. There are many people that like to see the PA when the regular physician is busy.

The Requirements

As of this writing, there are actually one hundred and forty nine accredited physician assistant schools within the continental United States. The biggest problem at the moment of course is that it is impossible for anyone to agree on what the requirements actually are. As expected, you need to make sure you have great passion for your job. In the end, you cannot do your job if you do not have passion.

Another important requirement of course is that of ensuring you have a working knowledge of physiology, anatomy, and biochemistry. You more than likely will not make it far in this field if you do not have this knowledge.

Before you can become a physician's assistant, you will need to attend a school, and the admissions committee will look at your credit hours, the credibility of your university, and even the difficulty of your coursework. If your plan is to be accepted, then it will be important for you to have four years in the field of medicine. The general preference is that you have experience in allied health, emergency services, nursing, medical volunteerism, and even trainer occupations. It is possible to be admitted to a physician assistant program without meeting these guidelines, but you have a very low probability.

Along with having the medical experience it would help to have a GED or high school diploma. Doing this job effectively will demand that you have maturity to handle it, which is oten a tall order. You will need the ability to lead, which comes standard with being a PA.

Because things are constantly changing in the field, you need to be very flexible. Naturally this is going to involve reading the latest medical texts, and of course making sure you're ready as soon as a new medical technology comes out. This will include new pharmaceuticals of course, and while these items may not be common knowledge, but these updates are generally filed with the FDA and will be available for study. Bearing that in mind, you may realize that it's not all fun and games. There is often a lot of study involved! This is a very demanding field, and if you meet the tough requirements, then you're definitely going to land a great job in the field.

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