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Pharmacist's Jobs

Pharmaceutical jobs belong in the healthcare industry, a booming industry. With the average life span increasing each year and developments in medical diagnosis and treatments, a career as a pharmacist has seen growth. Check out this web site for more info concerning how to become a pharmacist.

The pharmaceutical industry itself is a big part of this growth story. In addition to bringing out a steady stream of innovative products and equipment, the industry also gets these to the notice of healthcare professionals through their network of medical representatives.

The first pharmaceutical career we will examine is the medical representative.

The Medical Representative

Showing doctors the newest in treatment helps the medical representative sell. An efficient and knowledgeable medical representative can build trust with doctor's as the rep will save many hours of the doctor's time. This is an essential task as new medications with greater effectiveness are constantly being developed.

The representative explains to the doctor how the medications work, and why these new medications are better than the current treatments. An intense training program gives the medical rep knowledge of the product and teaches them how to sell. They also accompany experienced representatives to learn effective practices.

Once in the field, they must be able to secure meetings with General Preactitioners (GPs) and be able to explain things efficiently as GPs usually do not have must time..

Product Managers

A product manager is in charge of the marketing of a products and tracking the results of the campaigns. Product managers help prepare the sales presentations with clinical evidence and other persuasive information. They are usually the ones in charge of the production of the sale literature and closely monitor the effectiveness of the information.

Sales Managers

Sales managers are usually former medical representatives and are in charge of a group of medical reps. Training and motivating the medical representatives is one of the main fuctions of a sales manager's job.

Regulatory Affairs

The pharmaceutical industry is governed by numerous regulations. Approval is required for any sales campaign. Approval must be given to sell a drug and for the sale literature itself. There are many processes involved in acquiring all the approval required to sell a drug. Because of the importance of getting a drug to market quickly, obtaining the approvals has become a full time position requiring a person who is both detailed and well versed in legalese.

Other Pharmaceutical Jobs

The emphasis above has been on sales related pharmaceutical jobs. Actually, pharmaceutical companies need pharmacists, clinical researchers, HR managers, and other technical and non-technical persons to run their operations.

Pharmaceutical companies have large budgets for researching new drugs which must go throuh several steps of clinical trials before it can be approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

People with required training and experience are needed to attend to all these operational aspects and many pharmaceutical jobs are available in non-sales areas. A position (sales and non sales) in the pharmaceutical industry can come with a good salary.

For more info concerning how to become a pharmacist, read here.

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