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Your Way to Wealth on the Internet: Content Creation

Search engine optimization is primarily about producing excellent content. After all that’s what the search engines are all about. They are trying to steer people to relevant web content.

Web Content Fundamentals

So once you’ve completed your keyword research and know the keyword phrases you want to optimize your site for, you need a program for content creation. Let’s begin with the basics. Your site needs a home page, about us, products or service page, news and contact us. But a basic 5-page site isn’t likely to get the search engine spiders in a tizzy of excitement.

How to Expand Your Content

A marketing consultant or website copywriter can assist you in coming up with a content expansion program. Or just use the outline that follows to construct a plan to grow your content.

• Products and Services

You likely have more than one product or service. So you can take each service and compose a web page about it. That also provides you an opportunity to hone in on a certain keyword phrase for each service you offer. So if you have eight diverse services, you can speedily turn a ‘services’ page into eight pages. It’s no longer simply ‘copywriting solutions.’ Now it becomes ‘website copywriting solutions,’ ‘SEO copywriting solutions,’ ‘brochure copywriting solutions', 'copywriting for SEO’ and more.

• Markets

Perhaps you have a variety of market segments you target. Create a page for each segment that’s customized to their interests.

• About Us

Rather than just having a web page where your website copywriter writes about your business, also have a web page where your customers speak about you—testimonials. It’s easier for your customers to sell your products than it is for you, and it feeds the search engines’ hunger for content.

• Tips

Add several pages with suggestions that relate to your product or service. These are often the most popular pages of a website. And Google doesn’t just want to find a lot of pages. They also want to find web pages where visitors spend some time since that indicates good quality.

• Add Copy to Existing Pages

Some web copy is incredibly terse. These websites depend on images to grab attention rather than the copy. But search engines don’t read pictures so you need to have engaging, persuasive copywriting.

While you’re adding to the copy, be certain you optimize it so the search engines take notice.

• Blog

Adding a blog is the simplest way to add content on an ongoing basis. And if you offer information useful to your prospects, you begin to develop credibility. A blog can boost your standings in the search engine rankings as well as in the eyes of the people you’re trying to attract.

How to Make it Happen

You don’t have to do this all yourself if you don’t have the time or experience. You can employ a website copywriter who is aware of the ins and outs of search engine optimization. Or for more information on search engine optimization observe the video below.

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