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Perks of HMV Jobs

Going after one of several HMV Jobs is a step in the right direction for people who have an interest in and eagerness for technology, games, music and movies. HMV vacancies are available in-store, at the head office and in HMV warehouses. The corporate culture is one that emphasizes how important each person is to the company’s success. Additionally, HMV continually contributes to charities through active involvement in fundraising activities.Internally, the company also strives to be a “green” business by, among other things, eliminating paper waste. There are many opportunities to share in that conscientious, passionate work environment .

At the head office, one can choose from a wide variety of HMV jobs. Within the head office, open positions are often available in marketing, maintenance, finance, HR, commercial, operations and IT. If none of the current vacancies are quite the right fit, then an internship is another possibility. There are also jobs in-store and in HMV warehouses.

Many locations throughout the UK and Ireland are home to HMV and Fopp stores and warehouses. The various head office placements include the Royal House in Solihull, the Princess House in London and the Windsor house in Marlow. The UK and Ireland are home to 9 Fopp stores and 250 HMV stores; totaling 259 retail locations. Fulfilment centres or warehouses another place one can find work and there are three of them available. Guernsey, Merlin Park in Birmingham, and Canning Town in London is where these warehouses can be found. The location has no bearing on the amount of training and support that come with HMV Jobs.

Reaching career goals is a true possibility with the programmes HMV has in place. Learning is a primary goal the company has for its employees. Right from the beginning, on-the-job training is an essential component of working at HMV. A unique aspect of the company is its unique induction programme. People who have HMV Jobs benefit from Nipperpedia which is an in-house system for career development that helps people move along into other positions. Additionally, there is training for all HMV Jobs and the expectations for the role taken on when joining the company. Performance reviews are a regular occurrence in an effort to ensure employees are prepared and have the opportunity for regular improvement in their positions. Another way in which employees are supported is through fast track programmes at four different levels. Senior management also benefits from development programmes.

HMV Jobs are a good way to begin developing skills toward a career path sicne they offer fast-track programmes and other types of in-house training. With one of the HMV Vacancies, passion for music, movies and technology is an asset. Each team member in the company is highly valued. The company is special for other reasons besides training. HMV's distinct atmosphere is aided by the social awareness and community involvement that the company works toward.. The people within the company are actively involved in fundraisers with a particular focus on cancer among youth. Within the workspace, there is an effort made to keep things “green” by reducing waste, particularly paper waste.

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