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The Bottom Line to Finding The Right Key Words To Get Your Site Listed In The Major Search Engines

This is an excerpt from our How You Can Build a Business Website electronic book located on Amazon.com

Let’s say, as an illustration, you have got a webpage which provides a weightloss product or service. Your first concept might be to get on page 1 of Google for the term “weight loss” or “diet plan”. You would think that would be your obvious first step in creating web-site visitors. Therefore, you take your time and endeavors getting links back for your site, creating articles, together with other marketing exercises and nothing develops. A little while later, you do a search for “weight loss” in the search engines and your site is nowhere to be found. You will almost certainly stop looking for it because it will not likely appear in the top 2 or 3 hundred results.

The difficulty is not your site, or maybe your marketing efforts, it’s the key word you're focusing on. “Weight loss”, or “auto insurance” or “quit smoking” are so incredibly broad that it’s almost impossible to position for them… unless your web site has been online for ages and has many hundreds of links going towards it.

So, how would you compete with those top sites on Google any time you search for those broad key phrases like “weight-loss” and “auto insurance”? The very first thing to do is to understand what exactly individuals are attempting to find.

To get this done we're going to make use of the Google search engine and also the Google Key Word Tool.

The Google Key Word Tool is a free tool supplied by Google which will supply you with an estimate on how many people look for a key phrase on a monthly basis. You would assume Google might have the exact number, and they definitely do, however for some reason they do not offer you a genuine number when working with it. They will, nevertheless, supply you with a basic estimate which can help us with this question.

The aim, remember, is to discover a key phrase that people do a search for, but additionally to get listed on the first page of the Google search results.

Look at the list and select the first term that more narrowly represents your web site. Making use of the weight reducing illustration, let’s say that you're selling weightloss pills on your site which help people lose weight fast. You see on the list that “quick weight loss” would work with regards to your site. Furthermore, it gets a ton of searches. In this case, it gets 1.2 million searches a month.

Open a fresh internet browser in a new tab and visit google.com and search for this phrase. But when you do the search, place the keyword phrase in quotes. To paraphrase, instead of looking for quick weight loss you simply must search for “quick weight loss”.

We use the quotes in our search to determine the competitive makeup of the site. The thing is, whenever you search without any quotes (like everyone usually does), Google gives the amount of results in their database that contain the word quick and weight and loss anywhere within the page. Those three terms do not necessarily have to be together. Alternatively, after you put quotes around the term, Google provide you with the total number of pages (results) that contain those precise three words together on the page.

So what kind of competitive results are we looking for? In case your site is new, has very few (if any) links pointing to it, or maybe you are brand-new at doing this sort of targeting, I then would suggest trying to find a key phrase search phrase with under 10,000 results.

As you move along during the process you will find that when you rank for any key phrase that has fewer than 10,000 results, it will be possible to rank for terms which have 15,000 to 20,000 results without much trouble. It’s crucial to consider a key phrase with under 10,000 results first to get moving.

Keith Jennison
Keith manages JennTech, Inc. and has been building web sites for himself and clients since the mid 90’s. How to Build a Business Website is a comprehensive process on not merely how to create a successful internet site but also how you can find the right key terms to target to get your site on the first page of Google.

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