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Write Your Way to Wealth Online

Writing. It’s something we do when we’re in first grade. We put pen to paper and scribble out words to convey our thoughts. But until now, unless you wrote books that starred on The New York Times Best Sellers list or were a guru of direct-marketing copywriting, writing has been a somewhat undervalued talent.

The tables have turned. The demand for writing is greater than ever. Why? Because copywriting can make you wealthy on the web.

Persuasive Web Copywriting

When copywriting for an online site, a lot of business people forget the first goal is to persuade. So they fill the web page with internal-speak (lingo only company insiders understand), and a little chest-thumping talk about why their organization is so excellent. Then they check it over, and they’re done. On to the next job.

But website copywriting is supposed to convince someone to buy, or at least sign up for more information. This means the site needs to demonstrate how the service will improve the site visitor’s daily life, why this company’s service is better than the competitor’s solution, offer evidence that it is superior, and incorporate a robust call to action.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is typically divided into “on-page” optimization and “off-page” optimization. On-page search engine optimization includes your website’s content and how it is tagged. Off-page search engine optimization is the backlinks that lead to your site. Search engines view backlinks from other sites as votes that say “hey, this site over there has some content that’s worth reading.”

• SEO Copywriting

So, let’s speak about the on-web page optimization. Keyword rich site copy can make you wealthy. That means creating a lot of content that incorporates the keywords and phrases that your prospects and customers would most likely type into a search. If you compose your website with keywords and phrases sprinkled in the proper proportions and places, your site will begin to ascend in the search engine rankings, attracting an increased number of visitors, and more income to your pockets.

• Blogging

You don’t just need to have keyword rich content to ascend in the ranks on the search engines. You need to have a lot of it. The simplest way to increase your website’s content is to create a blog.

• Article Marketing

Now I’m moving on to the off-page search engine optimization. Don't forget those backlinks you need to have pointing to your site. A great way to attract backlinks is with article marketing. Yes, writing articles just like this one. See how the backlinks point to my site? The search engines like that. This article is gaining points for my site that will help it to ascend to the top of the search engine results.

If you want your site to drive prospects your way and enjoy writing, do it yourself. If not, employ a website copywriter who also understands how to use content marketing to increase your product sales.

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