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Use These Real Estate Marketing Tips to Skyrocket Your Website's Results

Not too long ago, we had Derek Halpern from Social Triggers on a webinar, who's a master of online lead generation and social persuasion. He exposed several of his top ideas which may be implemented into virtually any real estate marketing plan so that you can build better rapport and revenue with your list.

Although many of these principles are incredibly painless to implement, they might have a profound impact on your general performance when implemented correctly. So, let’s jump into a number of measures that you might start taking promptly to further improve interaction and even engagement:

1. For starters, be aware that people value human interaction more than any other tactic. So many realtors can easily tend to forget the importance of building a relationship with customers whenever using online real estate marketing methods. Unfortunately, without personalizing each and every visitor’s experience, it might be very difficult to produce any customer loyalty.

Folks would like to know that they’re cared for and are not merely another number. As a result, consider getting in touch with every new potential customer personally and ask them for ideas on how to serve them even better. Is there an issue or maybe area of expertise that they need more facts about? Learn about them and then send out the information they want to encourage them through the entire buying or selling process.

2. Next, one other issue that can adversely influence website engagement is crowded and busy web design. Your real estate marketing blog should really concentrate on a minimalist layout that's neat and simple to look through. Any time agents choose to create themes which are overly crowded as well as colorful, the human eye can easily tend to become pretty distracted.

For this reason, a Wordpress theme such as “Thesis” as well as “Catalyst” can be a wonderful platform to use so that you can cut the clutter. Also, by producing a less complicated blog theme, you're going to be somebody that sticks out in the crowd. This on its own could have a massive influence on conversion rates.

3. As a final point, think about ways to integrate additional lead capture elements into your site’s text. As an example, if you investigate Derek’s page at SocialTriggers.com, you'll instantly find a very large and compelling opt in box at the very top of his homepage which converts magnificently.

Also, under the About Us area, he very nicely employs quite a few forms of lead capture alongside some additional gripping data. Modeling something similar to this for your real estate marketing blog can drastically boost the odds of building your list of clients.

These are just a few powerful tips which you can begin taking advantage of for your own real estate business. Though your website does not need to match Derek’s site structure exactly, understanding his methodologies will still have a powerful influence on the future of your business. For additional coaching and instruction on how you can build an effective online campaign, go to Real Estate Marketing 411.

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