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The Purpose Of Speech Language Pathologist In Helping Overcome Stuttering Issues In Kids

One of the important functions of a speech therapist or speech language pathologist is helping those who are afflicted by stuttering. But what is stuttering, how can it develop and how speech pathologists deal with it?

Firstly, stuttering is the malfunctioning of vocal pace, flow and verbal fluency that is generally caused by muscle spasms in several sections of the vocal apparatus. When a child is stuttering the most noticeable things that are usually found are forced blockage of speech and repeated saying of separate sounds and syllables. Stuttering frequently occurs in young children age two to five. It's critical not to ignore the first indications of stuttering to be able to assist the youngster promptly:

• The child all of the sudden becomes silent and won't speak (this could continue from a couple of hours to a few days, following which the child starts to speak again, this time with stuttering. However a timely visit to a speech therapist can prevent the emergence of stuttering)

• Uttering additional sounds ahead of separate words
• Repeating of the initial syllables of whole words at the start of sentences
• Forced halts within words or expressions
• Problems with initiating speech

The reason behind stuttering is the malfunctioning of the central nervous system as a result of its weakness. The grounds for the emergence of stuttering may be different. Sometimes it happens after a few infectious illnesses while the child is vulnerable. Frequently, stuttering appears after the child is frightened or after a prolonged psychological neuroticism as a result of inadequate treatment or abusive behavior of someone in his or her surroundings. Stuttering can also be the effect of a unexpected decline of living circumstances (household related problems and other problems). Furthermore, stuttering is not uncommon in young children with precocious speech, whose parents are overwhelming them with reading through books, songs and constantly encourage them to say it or repeat it - essentially pushing them to speak.

In some cases young children, who begin to speak at a later age (3 years old or much older), can develop stuttering due to a very rapid speech development. It ought to be noted that stuttering can occur in young children with late motor skill level development. A majority of these youngsters are awkward, uncoordinated, have trouble chewing food, with underdeveloped motion capabilities.

The awareness of these factors can help parents and teachers notice the warning signs and promptly seek advice from a specialist (psychologist, psycho neurologist, speech therapist or speech language pathologist), as stuttering is easier to avoid rather than to treat.

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