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Link Velocity And Search Positions

As you most likely know Google and many other search engines use a rather large number of signals to figure out where and if a internet site appears for certain search queries. Examples of these signals include things like keyword density, page rank, keywords within the title, the number of backlinks, the anchor text of those backlinks, whether or not the internet site links out to good web-sites or bad web-sites and many, many others.

At this point I want to mainly concentrate on 1 particular signal. That signal is the pace from which a any distinctive internet page gets backlinks. This is also known as link velocity. Essentially, often if a page quickly acquires quite a bit of backlinks - at this point that internet site may be deemed significantly more significant.

On the flip side if that site's link velocity diminishes - that page's substantial significance definitely will also lower together with it's rankings. This is certainly an extremely essential ranking element that does not get discussed nearly as often as it most likely should.

At times some one may bring it up on their search engine optimization blog or something but it truly is almost never ever spelled out just just how much weight is placed on it. This most likely hurts quite a bit of would be SEOs.

Developing a search engine and fighting search spam can be a quite large endeavor. Measuring a site's link velocity is awesome approach to keep search results fresh and make it significantly more tough to spam. It is actually 1 of my favorite things about Google and also a big reason why search results often change as much as everyday. With the search engine results changing so regularly it assists me to secure a fresh standpoint about issues that interest me.

All this stuff is very essential if you are carrying out any backlink building with SE Nuke or other programs for your's or somebody else's internet site. Think about it. What would definitely occur in the event you had a web-site and that you depended on for the much needed income you need to support yourself and your household and all of the sudden your search rankings crashed simply because you figured you had enough links - when actually is wasn't the number of links which awarded you those search engine rankings. It was actually the link velocity.

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