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How to find Jobs for Travel Writers

Choosing travel journalism as a profession can be quite lucrative if you know how and where to find well paying travel writing jobs. As with any other form of writing, travel writing requires fortitude, perseverance, and first and foremost time and effort. Before you can begin trying to find work opportunities, ensure you make time to learn a little more about how to become a travel writer.

Recently, travel writing has been going through a period of fast growth due to the booming worldwide travel industry, and the proliferation of travel-related press on the internet as well as regular press. As a result of the proliferation of travel press, you can now sell your pieces in your town as well as international media outlets like websites and blogs.

Think getting paid to travel is a myth?

Possible Career Paths for AspiringTravel Writers:

Authoring Guidebooks
Becoming a guidebook writer for a business like Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, or Moon, is regarded as being one of the most profitable jobs for a travel writer. However, guide book writing is frequently in form of a long term project that could even take a couple of years to finish. It sometimes involves extensive travelling and in depth description of the visited sites. For instance, Tom Brosnahan, a well-known guide book writer for Lonely Planet and Insight has written over two dozen guidebooks. In his estimation, a writer will typically earn $30,000 for writing a guidebook.

Writing for Local Newspapers
Being a travel columnist or correspondent for your city newspaper may be a good way to secure solid work as a travel writer. What you must do is to find the prospective column where publish travel-related articles. After you find the particular column you need to communicate your interest by getting in contact with the editor in charge. You should be able to either get in touch with the editor through a telephone call or mail the editor a short, query letter along with an example of your travel writing. This prevents your article from being ignored as unsolicited.

Travel Blogging
There are numerous travel blogs which outsource subject matter to travel writers. You may need to sign up for a few before you decide to send in your article. Moreover, it is very important examine their editorial policies before you submit your work. Furthermore, you need to read through their prior publications in order to avoid replicate articles and also to familiarize yourself with their preferences.

Finding Travel Writing Assignments on the Internet
How to find travel writing jobs?
  • Matadornetwork.com - This site posts stories from global authors. After you join and accept the publishing guidelines you can contribute features, interviews, stories and multimedia content and be paid shortly after the publication of your content.
  • FreelanceTravelWriter.com - This excellent site posts suggestions for breaking into travel journalism, in addition to lists of travel writing job opportunities from online along with offline media.
  • Craigslist or Monster.com - Finally, there is always the old-fashioned method. Journalist jobs are sometimes put up on normal career websites like Craigslist or Monster.com. This is probably the top website to start looking if you're planning to pursue staff assignments such as travel columnist or newspaper editor, rather than freelance assignments.
  • FreelanceWritingGigs.com - Not really targeted to travel writing, although a fantastic website for freelance writers of pretty much all stripes. Details writing job opportunities in addition to recommendations and counsel for breaking into the field.

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