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Copywriting For Search Engine Optimization....and Web Visitors Too

So you’ve performed your keyword analysis and you’ve looked at the websites that are ranking highly for your keyword. Now it’s time for website copywriting.

Because you’ve spent time unearthing profitable keyword phrases, it’s only natural that you would be focused on putting them to use. But now I’m advising that you forget about them. Put them completely out of your mind and consider your prospect.

You need to write copy for your perfect web visitor first. What you create has to engage them so they’ll stick around and read it and it has to be convincing so they’ll sign up for or buy what you’re selling.

So how do you write persuasively? Here are a number of ideas.

Begin with a promise in the headline. For instance: “With our step-by-step instruction you’ll be playing piano in days rather than weeks or months. Guaranteed.” See how the headline focuses on the benefit. Not only that, it instantaneously takes away the risk with the word “guaranteed.”

Make it believable. You can do this with a testimonial or by citing a case study that proves your point.

As you build the story, focus on the website visitor. That means making sure you use the word ‘you’ far more than ‘we’ or ‘us.’ When you focus on 'you' it engages your reader and it forces the copywriter to consider everything from the reader’s point of view.

Finish with a strong call to action. Tell the website visitor precisely what you want them to do and they’re considerably more likely to take action. That’s why there are numerous sites that say ‘buy now.’ It’s been tested. It works.

After you’ve finished writing persuasively, you can revise your copywriting to incorporate your keyword phrases in the proper amounts and place them in prominent locations. So use these ideas and create a persuasive site optimized for the search engines, or make contact with a website copywriter who can assist you with copywriting for SEO. Or for more tips view the video.

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