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Making It Big In The US As A Sonographer

There is a justified reason why thousands have resolved to pursue a career in the sonography industry. It could be caused by government reviews of a constant demand of sonographers. But the topmost reason would have to be the high ultrasound technician salary. Ultrasound technicians are among the highest wage earners in the medical field. A sonographer, however, may receive a different income sum than his co-worker.

There are several components that vary the salary ranges of sonographers. One of many factors that affect a sonographer’s income rate are the work experience and employment location. A sonographer’s earnings can vary greatly depending on the area where he/she is employed. Here is a brief summary of the ultrasound technician salary by the city of employment in both per hour and annual rate. In some locations, sonographers acquire much better than those paid with the regular income rate. Nevertheless, the higher settlement offered by some cities in the US can also be modified with the experience and the accreditations the ultrasound professionals have. Employers often reward those who have had a thorough history in the field with bigger wages than those who have hardly entered into the professional industry. Licensed sonographers are extremely recommended and compensated in the healthcare industry.

Sonographers employed in Chicago are compensated $15.10 per hour and $55,028-$92,105 annually. On a per annum basis, sonographers in West Chicago are given approximately $50,893 to $53,107. Chicago offers higher revenue rates compared to West Chicago. New York City and the state of New York as a whole is probably the highest paying areas with regards to the ultrasound technician pay. This is simply because the hourly charge for ultrasound technicians can begin from $16.22 to $38.08 while the annual rate can be in the range of $28,000 to $94,000. A sonographer’s revenue rate in Los Angeles is around $10.07-$43.92 per hour while in Tampa, it extends to $20.95-$36.21. Miami-based sonographers acquire $12.08-$39.73 an hour. Diagnostic medical sonographers who are working in Atlanta, Georgia can have a yearly revenue of $37,733 to $59,007 while the hourly rate is $16.38 to $36.29. The annual salary is pretty low but when compared to other medical experts in the field of allied health services, it is greater. On a per hour and per annum basis, sonographers in Houston are offered $19.73 to $30.40 and $31,000 to $65,000 respectively. There is a certain salary rate arranged by every region in the US. Sometimes, the ultrasound technician salary is higher but there are also times when it is lower and it will never become consistent because it changes every now and then.

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