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Job As a Corrections Officer

Nature of Duty Corrections Officer

To begin a vocation, folks must have clear knowledge of what they are really selecting. They must select something which will benefit them in the future. Individuals who opt to be Corrections Officers should be well informed of the quality of duties and duties.

Correctional Officer provide safety to the local, state and federal prisons by guarding the inmates and additionally guaranteeing that proper guidelines and regulations are sustained. They tune in to the demands and problems of the individuals inside the prisons and counsel them accordingly. Their duty additionally covers areas like patrolling the entire prison structure, checking out the cells, gates, locks etc. to guarantee prisoners are able to not escape. They additionally should look after the safe transition of prisoners form one place to one more as per needs. Frequently they have to tackle hostile situations. These officers are particularly educated in usage of guns, handcuffs and other restraint equipments to handle such situations.


We recognize that education and learning serves the foundation of every job. In this arena, too, particular level of education and learning is needed. Some correctional facilities need and prefer at least senior high education and learning. The Federal Agency of Prisons prefers the applicants must have bachelor's degree. It could accept three years of full-time experience in counseling and direction of individuals or a mix of university research and counseling work. The age restriction could differ form eighteen years to twenty-one years as per guidelines.

Collection Treatment

The procedures of choice need the candidates to pass a created exam. The exam consists of different stages and questions based on different ideas are provided to the candidates to test their knowledge and potentials. After clearing written exams physical exams are additionally taken to guarantee that the prospect is fit enough for the post.

Mode of Instruction

The instruction duration are able to differ according to the establishments and prison size. It could last form one month to six months. The instruction could be held inside the correctional facility or an academy or in the department of correction. It integrates courses in the guidelines, practices, language, and guidelines of modern-day correctional methods. Self-defense, physical restraint of prisoners, usage of guns and rifle shooting skills are additionally engaged in. When a candidate clears a specific stage of instruction, he/she is provided certifications form the American Correctional Association to confirm the accomplishment.

Getting the Job

The local and state prisons offer more job opportunities than federal prisons. Job seekers can apply directly to state or region correctional establishments or state and local civil service commissions. Those who prefer jobs in the federal prison system should take the necessary civil service tests.

Job Outlook

Promotions are provided according to the experience, performance, education and learning and instruction. An officer generally obtains promotion form Corrections Officer to Sergeant to Lieutenant to Deputy Keeper and so on. The employment outlook for Corrections Officers is excellent in the coming years. More vacancies are anticipated to be filled up as there will be expansion in amount of prisons. As such, a candidate who wishes to pursue a vocation as a Corrections Officer are able to look forward for the opportunities.

Work atmosphere and duty hrs

The candidates who would like to be Corrections Officer must understand that this job is not an easy providing. They may have to go as a result of different hostile and demanding situations. Their success depends on how they tackle such situations. Usually the shifts are of eight hrs, which is rotational. The officers may be telephoned during emergencies and could have to work on weekends if the circumstances demands such involvement.


The pay scales of the Corrections Officers differ depending on the type of job, seniority and place of the job. To begin with, they receive an ordinary median annual income of $ 39,324. This figure rises as there is boost in seniority and rank.

Right now, Florida is one of the states that are in need of corrections officer. Be a Florida correctional officer today!

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