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Answers And Questions During Medical Interview

In medical fields, an interviewer leaves no stone unturned before choosing the best candidate. In order to be a doctor you better put your very best foot forward.

Here is a list compiled over the years of frequently asked questions encountered during med school interviews.

Why Do You Want To Be A Doctor?

Nearly all medical schools will ask the question "Why would you like to be a doctor". Think about this carefully and make sure the answer is a genuine answer, and not from another person.

What are your strong points? Your weak spots?

Try to tailor your responses to your particular job or task. Rehearse your replies so that they sound natural and you're ready for the question.

Weak spots that can also be strong points:

- You're a hard worker and sometimes work too hard

- Too perfectionist.

- Too helpful


- Good communication skills

- Sociable with other people

- Can learn quickly

- Always timely

- A good team player.

Discuss the good characteristics that all doctors must have.

You might answer this question with: The "ideal" doctor is someone who validates my pain, listens to my problem and treats me with professional courtesy. I, in turn, want to be the ideal patient. Who asks questions, follows medical advice and says "thank you." I've found that doctors are not what they used to be; it used to be about the patient, now it's about them and making money. To some extent this is why there is such a big push at med schools to take diverse, well rounded people who handle themselves well in interviews, rather than simply those who score well, and probably the reason that the number of non-sci majors and nontrads increase at med schools each year, and the average age is creeping slowly upwards. Having stated this, these are some great characteristics for a good doctor:

- should be a role model (a doctor who tells his/her patients to quit smoking should not be seen smoking outside the hospital 5 minutes after the patient leaves.. where's the intergrity in this right?)

- Support patients and their loved ones when and where they are needed

- should be able to communicate in a way the patient understands (not going off on the properties of amino acids... etc. etc) as this may come out as arrogance. Once more, communication is a good quality that each doctor must have. Remember that in your medical interview.

- a doctor should be WILLING TO TEACH!!... this goes along perfectly with preventive medical care. The doctor should give the patients the fishing rods, rather than the fish. If a doctor knows how to teach his/her patient what to do and what not to do, the doctor will be able to help the patient change his lifestyle for the better so that the patient doesn't have to keep coming back.

- Work cooperatively with other members of the medical team.

- Has the ability to think in a critical manner yet in simple terms.

How do you handle stress?

Examples of good responses include:

- I react to situations, rather than to stress. That way, the situation is handled and doesn't become stressful.

- Prioritizing my responsibilities so I have a clear idea of what must be done when, has helped me effectively deal with pressure on the job.

- I find that when I'm under the pressure of a deadline, I can do some of my most creative work.

Would you tell us of a time when you used your leadership skills to handle a situation?

when the interviewer asks this question they are not simply looking for an answer that indicates you're one or the other. They are instead looking for evidence that you're able to act as both as the situation calls for it. Think about the types of duties that are likely to be associated with that job.

What are your educational qualifications? How many years of experience do you have in health care fields?

In critical positions of NHS jobs, it is extremely important that the individual should have the relevant educational qualifications as well as the required skills and experience.

Always remember to answer those questions with honesty and confidence...Good luck!

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