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The Right Way to do On Page SEO

I was contemplating non-stop traffic formula to get a long time and I finaly wrote a brief write-up what I am by far the most obsessed with. This write-up publish are going to be covering Non Stop Traffic Formula Review as well as goes deep into Cross Channel Mojo Bonus.

Search engine traffic is incredibly valuable but that is mostly because it is free and very targeted. There are all sorts of things that will factor into the success of your SEO efforts but before you spend all sorts of time on link building and things to do off the page, focus on your on page SEO factors. So what does "on page SEO" actually mean? It's just the work that you put into optimizing your own webpage. These are things like your content and your keywords--they're all a part of the "on page SEO" efforts. The real purpose of this article is to show you exactly what you need to do to make the on page SEO work to your advantage.

Each page of your site has to be treated with the applicable keywords, and of course everything must match in the right way. In order for Google and the rest to do their jobs, they have to know that you are doing yours with your content and market. One way to let the search bot readers know what they page is about is through keyword bold fonts. You want to avoid over-doing this technique because it can be annoying to your readers if the text has too many distractions in it. You will be able to be better categorized when your site uses a site map, and blogs can use a plugin for this one. You can place it in the footer, or a link to it, and that will make sure it is there on each page. It makes your site more approachable to Google in terms of navigation, plus it gives the search engine spiders a better way to crawl throughout your site without any problems. So do not ignore this one because it will help your SEO efforts.

Keyword density is something that many ignore or are simply unaware of. All the search engines are concerned about the ways people spam things. They don't like sites that stuff keywords in their content - so if you don't measure your keyword density, you might get into trouble. There is no one exact percentage of keyword density that you should shoot for, but rather it is a small range of approximately 2-4% and maybe 5% at the very most. You can easily check the percentage of any page using free tools on the net. So just accept the fact that proper SEO requires you to ensure your on-page is right. You can see this very clearly on the first page of Google, and all you really have to do is just start looking a little closer at them. Do not over-think this because it does not need to be done, just do what you need to get done and you will be squared away. Taking things a bit at a time is best especially when you are just learning about it.

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