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Tips for Managers and Leaders: Conducting a Mid Year Performance Review

Why Conduct a Mid Year Performance Review

• Most companies set their objectives at the start of the year, but a lot can change in 6 months time. You must keep objectives in line with business changes.
• The Mid Year Performance Review acts as a formal “check in” with the employee. If you are only formally reviewing performance at the end of the year, you take the chance that you might surprise the employee with a poor review. A Mid Year Performance Review gives the employee the opportunity to take corrective action before the formal end of year review.
• It can solidify the actions you need the employee to take for the rest of the year. It's an excellent opportunity to clarify and review specific goals and actions to be achieved by the end of the year.

Steps to Conducting a Mid Year Performance Review

1. Employee does a self-assessment. Employees should have as much responsibility in the performance review process as the manager does. The best way to make sure this accountability is shared is to insist that the employee conducts his own self-assessment using the same criteria and format as the manager will to assess performance. The differences between ratings provides a fertile ground for discussion.
2. Supervisor collects performance data and feedback. The supervisor should use data whenever possible, and at the very least list specific behavioral examples. To use vague or non-specific statements when assessing performance is neither professional, nor useful.
3.Review assessment and write review. Review the employee’s self-assessment, and write your own review as to the employee’s performance. Include all the data and examples you gathered in step two, above.
4. Conduct the Mid-Year Performance Review Discussion. After both employee and supervisor have done their preparation, they need to meet to formally discuss performance.

The Mid Year Performance Review Discussion

• This is the most important aspect of the Mid Year Performance Review.
• Conduct a quick retention interview along with the performance discussion. For example, you may simply want to ask how the employee perceives his work environment, and how satisfied and challenged they feel working there. All too often, companies wait until the Exit Interview to get this feedback.
• The employee should be given the opportunity to describe their deliverables against each objective and other projects. They should be able to specify what they’ve done during the first half of the year, and how that has contributed to their stated goals and objectives.
• At the Mid Year Performance Review meeting, discuss feedback grounded in multiple perspectives from the organization. In other words, how are the efforts of this employee important to the larger organization.
• Make sure that key priorities are clear, and alignment is obtained on balance of year objectives. This is an opportunity for both the employee and the manager to discuss changes or “course corrections” to make sure the employee is successful for his end of year review.

Three Things to Remember about Mid Year Performance Reviews

• This is a listening exercise for the manager. Listen carefully to both the content and context of the message being delivered.
• Be candid and balanced in your feedback. Both parties will get a lot more out of the discussion if they are honest and forthright with each other. Being too polite won't drive performance. Nor will humiliating and berating the employee.
• Clarify how you will support the employee. It's important for the manager to commit to what he will do to enable the success of the employee.

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Watch our video about conducting a mid year performance review:

Learn Even More About Conducting A Mid Year Performance Review

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