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Three Things That Medical Assistants Must Assimilate About Hospital Torts

Medical assisting is not your everyday job. It is a vocation. Before joining the medical assisting register, an aspirant must set his heart and mind to public service. Yes, this job can give high salary remuneration, but it should not be the person's only drive or else he won't be successful.

In line with this career are so many challenges and happenings that it is not for the flimsy type. Given that, this industry deals with lives every day, errors are to be avoided at all times. That is why continuous trainings and seminars are arranged to the employees. Medical malpractice happens when the hospital staff causes injury or wound to the patient. It is very possible that the injury happens because of incapability to meet the standard of care set by the law. Medical malpractice is actually a tort. The harmed patient can even use the incident as the basis for lawsuit against the person blamed and in this case the health care provider.

It is true that patients, once they accept medical treatments accept the risk involved. But, it is important to know that the patient does not assume the risk of injury if the outcome results because of the medical employees's laxness. For sure, nobody would want to be sued of malpractice and laxity as it can bring one's moral. Everyone wants to be productive. However, we cannot change the fact that there are instances that accidents can occur. To prevent any untoward situations, here are some of the things that medical assistants should keep in mind every time they are on call or on duty.

Seek Opinion And Help From Supervisor If Unsure
Medical assistants are always under the custody of doctors and nurses. Medicine as they would say is a perfect or exact Science. However, in medical situations most especially in an exigency situations human judgments are mostly preset. Medical personnel like medical assistants are only allowed to do things according to their level of training and development that they have received. In cases of emergencies or situations that call for their judgment, it is much better to seek the advice or wait for the instructions of their supervisors.

Understand The Law Governing Your Practice
Being well versed with the medical assistant's scope of practice will give one the assurance that what he or she is doing is right or wrong. Tha California law is based on the common law doctrine known as the respondent superior." Since employers face broad liability for torts committed by their employees, it is wise to become familiar with the law in this area. An employer can break out of liability for the tort made by the worker by showing that the injury or damage was not committed within the extent of employment of the hospital staff.

Emphatize And Not Sympathize
As most of the medical people would say, “It is better to empathize than sympathize”. Sympathy and empathy may sound the same but they are not. Medical assistants should be more empathic. Feeling sorry towards patient may be the root of unprofessionalism, thus violating certain rules in the medical assistant's code of ethics. To avoid this kind of scenario, always remember that emotions can be deceiving.

By and large, people who suffered injuries due to tort or carelessness of another are entitled to receive monetary compensation. The employer may cover all hosptal bills and doctor's fees depending on the hospital's rules and regulations. To avoid such misfortunes, it is significant to know the law governing the medical assistant's practice.

Medical assistant jobs and career advancement. Learn the different medical assistant programs and find out where you can avail them.

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