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Sending Highly Targeted Traffic to Your Website

In this article I will show you a few great tips about SEO and internet marketing.

It isn't as hard as it first seems to send targeted traffic to your website; you just need to make a real commitment to trying different things and make sure that your site has something that your audience will actually value. If traffic isn't that big a deal, why are the IM forums always packed with questions about getting more of it? Why do the newbies have such a hard time gaining exposure for what they are offering? The answer to these questions is simple - achieving a consistent flow of quality traffic takes time, commitment and laser sharp focus, which people lack today. If you have what it takes, though, this article should be very helpful in the generation of your traffic.

Article directories were once a great method for sending traffic to your site a few years ago, simply because it wasn't that hard to get your article ranked well within the search engines. These days, however, things are different. The Google Panda Update has been a major problem for sites like EzineArticles.com so the days when you could submit just about anything, get ranked for it and drive traffic are over. If you do some deeper digging, though, you'll see that this is a really fantastic thing because it's getting rid of all of the over hashed content and making room for the content that is actually valuable.

If you want to properly use the article directories, then, you will need to produce really great articles that get ranked and shared by the people who read it so that the ezine publishers will want to pick it up too. If you want your blog to get more traffic, write posts that will get read and that are worthy of spreading around. The best articles to get this done are "top ten" lists and "how to" advice articles. You want your articles to be entertaining as well as informative so that your readers will want to share them with others. The key point here is to make your content so original and unique that it attracts the right kind of attention from all directions, giving you the needed exposure.

Get engaged with social media - whether it's Twitter, Facebook or even Foursquare, by becoming active in the social side of the world wide web, you will slowly but steadily build your reputation, which will lead to a consistent flow of high quality traffic. But don't make the mistake of spamming any of the social sites, because that will not only get you banned, but it'll also spoil your brand image within your target market.

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