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Online Task Management - Secret Of Business Success

When we have chosen a new virtual assistant to work on your Melbourne search engine optimisation team, the very first thing you want to do is ensure that you give them that underarm throw, a fairly straightforward task very early on as a part of your online task management. Show them what to do. What I am saying there is , I'll record it on Camtasia or ScreenFlow precisely here's the method of what it is that I need you to do. I will record it and document it. I'll also give them, where I can, some written notes too.

Sometimes what I'll do is I'll get a notepad and I'll write bullet points of everything that I'm going to cover in the video. Then I may record the video and I could use the bullet points in the notepad to be sure I stay on topic. Then I send them a video , in the PS, I write PS here are the notes from the google local video, bang. So they've got a touch where they can jump around and they do not need to go backwards and forwards between the video. Record them, come up with an online task list, show them exactly how to do it. Let them do it with you, so the initial step when teaching somebody the easiest way to do something, is, here let's do it together and you can show them. That is the reason why I record the video. Then we'll do one together.

If they are at the office I could sit right down and do it with them, otherwise, if they're virtual, you do the seo methods work and then you get back to me and let me know how you went.

Then I’ll let them do it on their own and I’ll provide feedback. So at that point I’ll say, right, go ahead, do the work, send it back to me and then I’ll review it and then once I review it, I’ll give them some feedback points as part of doing online task management. If there are some feedback points, I will get them to do the task again. Then they’ll do it again and I’ll give them more feedback points. Then if there are still feedback points, I’ll give them those and then I’ll say go do it again. I basically will keep on doing that to the point at which they do the online presence task perfectly with no feedback.

So this is similar to a technique that we've gone through and developed and I suspect it's critical. This can save you hours of heart ache. So record them, show them the proper way to do it, let them do it with you, then let them do it on their own, give them the feedback and then the final thing is now and then, you'll review it. Then the last step after that is then they must teach somebody else how to do it. Once they do that, then they'll start to record videos and then they will become that person who then has folks beneath them to coach them. But you've got to first learn the way to do online task management yourself.

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