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Medical Interviews Dress Check-list

Get yourself ready for medical interviews includes dressing for achievement. What's the correct dress code for a job interview? Stay with me for advice on creating a good impact and what to wear to a job interview.

Do not take a backpack; a briefcase or portfolio is preferable during medical interview.

Always dress professionally for a job interview.

Be sure that you look like neat and tidy when dressing for your job interview.

Choose attire that fit and flatter your body type.

Wear day time cosmetics: no hefty eyeliner or glitzy shadows.

Wear business attire, not disco attire, to a networking event.

Make certain your fingernails are trimmed and neatly manicured.

Keep jewelry to a minimum (a wedding ring, stud earrings and a watch are acceptable).

Facial piercings and tongue jewelry should be taken away.

Shorts and miniskirts are not correct for interviews.

Ill-fitting attire look less than professional so try to have a tailored clothing..

For skirt suits, the cut of the skirt should be narrow and not flared.

Mismatched socks indicate a lack of attention for detail. So, avoid it.

Tennis shoes or sneakers are too casual footwear for any interview.

Your hands should also be cleaned and unmarked.

Hair should be pulled back neatly and preferably off your face.

Keep fragrances to a minimum.

Ladies may select to use one set of small earrings.

Ladies should carry an additional set of hose in your bag.

Use a plain navy suit or navy suit with subtle pinstripes.

All lingerie (straps included) must not be noticeable even when moving.

Clean your teeth and use mouthwash.

For guys, the colour of the tie must compliment the shoe colour.

Males should dress in a tee-shirt under their dress shirt..

Take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself; 'would I hire me?' Pay close attention to each detail that encompasses your job interview clothing. That's why it's always important to dress professionally for a job interview.

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