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Just One Day for a Workman in a Machine Shop

I have been an Ohio citizen my entire life. A number of people do not look at The state of Ohio as a highly desirable location to reside, but my family resides in the area, so that made it difficult to move. All in all, living here is not too bad. I am able to afford a larger house than I could if I relocated to California and I have a great family life here. Additionally, Cleveland, a fun, eventful big city to get away to, is not too far away. With regards to employment, the majority of the men in my family are employed by machine shops. I also followed that path and am employed by a Toledo machine shop.

Every day I go into work by 7 Along with assembly, engineering and inspection, the shop I work for is an expert in products for polyethylene teraphthalate (PET) storage containers. These kinds of storage containers are commonly used for foodstuffs, refreshments and various other liquids. One of the pieces of equipment my shop supplies is a section cutter. This item is the most cost-effective method to consistently and accurately cut PET storage containers into segments. Once the cutting has happened, the segment is weighed by the piece of equipment to ensure appropriate thickness and even distribution of materials. After this phase in the manufacturing process, the storage containers are tested in a hot fill machine, another item my shop provides. This piece of equipment fills the storage container with heated water ranging from 185-195 degrees Fahrenheit. The second part of this phase is to place the storage container filled with heated water into a cooling sink. The cooling sink, yet another item my employer provides, mists the hot water filled storage container with cooled water. Once the storage container has cooled off, it is ready to be examined for defects or failure caused by the heated water. This is what I spend my time at the workplace executing.

Rather than spending my day on an assembly line doing the exact same job for eight hours like many individuals think machine shop employees do, I work with the PET storage container machines. The job is interesting and as technology changes, the same is true of my career. That by itself will keep a person on their toes.Being employed by a machine shop may not appeal to all, however for me it keeps me content, close to my loved ones and covers expenses. That covers the necessities for me.

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