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Google Despises These 4 Things

Instead of the typical seo tips for small businesses, I want to tell you things Google hates that can hurt your website’s ranking.

Most of these are fairly easy fixes.

And none of these if just slightly bad will totally override everything else. But you should try your best to not shoot yourself in the foot with something that you can easily remedy.

Here are 4 things Google hates:

Long Domain Names with Dashes

If you had a domain, ScubaGear.com, this tends to standing better in search outcomes in contrast to a thing prefer Buy-Cheap-Scuba-Gear.com.

Now again, the domain duration isn’t the total culprit. International students have of many factors for this. For instance, ScubaGear.com is almost certainly a much older domain name. It’s almost certainly also been close to for 10 years or much more, and has many one way links going to it.

Buy-Cheap-Scuba-Gear.com appearance kinda spammy. Its merely not a thing which is going to receive many links.

Dashes are another instance of points Google hates. The much more hyphens a area identify has, which is in fact another negative correlation factor. That doesn’t indicate it is possible to’t use long domain names..merely means which it may not do as well.

Response Time

There is many debate in the search engine optimization industry if slower web pages, slower servers bring about reduce rankings. I don’t possess any hard data on it, so I don’t really possess a clear answer. But we see which slower reloading pages tend to standing a bit reduce in contrast to others….so I sense this is among individuals style="text-decoration: underline;">points xxGoogle hates.

We all understand which swifter internet websites, swifter response instances advertise a better user experience. If you possess a slow site, it is surely really worth desiring into. International students have several solutions which can a lot your locations photos as a cloud, that can boost your site’s stream time.


This is a startling one. Many individuals assume which if you use Google solutions, similar to fitting Google Analytics on your site or putting Adsense on your site, which Google tends to prefer individuals internet websites and which you’ll standing higher.

Actually..the exact reverse is accurate…its another among individuals points Google hates.

So let’s say which site A has several Ad sense ad regions (and you’ve observed these pages – merely filled using Ad sense). It can tend to not standing and pages using less Ad sense slots.

A different thing is the volume. So, not solely the volume of slots you possess, but also the area on your site which utilizes Ad sense, can negatively impact your rankings.

A second time, doesn’t necessarily bring about it, but which’s which data shows.

Simply ponder it from a customers viewpoint…that web page would you somewhat connection to? A web page using a disproportionate volume of Ad sense…or a web page using content.

Percent of Followed Links

The most startling result of this year’s correlation data was the percent of obeyed linking pages. This involves a tiny bit of explanation.

This means which if all your links going towards your area are obeyed, we tend to see individuals locations rating a bit reduce. That doesn’t appear to make many feeling off the get-go. You’d assume if all your links had been obeyed, you’d merely be wonderful in rankings.

But think of area variety. Locations which standing properly tend to possess many locations linking to them. They possess locations prefer Wikipedia which possess no obeyed links, citations no obeyed links.

In general, they possess a versatile connection profile, whereas spammier locations, more compact locations, more up to date locations, they are going right after individuals links. They need to work really hard for each among them, and their variety is not as wonderful

Final thoughts…

As far as best practices go, I like to work under the premise of what would I do if there was no Google, no search engines, or rankings. AS SEO’s, what would you or I do to get people to visit, like and stay on our site? The answer is that we would provide a great user experience and develop killer content that our visitors enjoy.

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