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With Graphic Design And Multimedia Degrees From Online Education Programs Technology Field Careers Are Wide Open

It wasn’t too long ago that a personal computer in the home was a very rare thing. That changed fast though. As of 2005, 62 million households - 55% of the U.S. - had a desktop or laptop. As of 2008, that number jumped to somewhere between 75% to 80% of all households, or approximately 90 million. It's numbers like these that make one see why IT is one of the fastest growing industries there is.

In a way, one could almost joke that just trying to keep up with the latest innovations the Web offers is almost a full time job in itself. Its turbo-charged growth means there’s a lot of gray area when it comes to defining jobs. One case in point is telling what is the distinction between a web designer and a web developer.

Not too long ago, the names were interchangeable and were both usually handled by one person. The problem arose in that as the number web sites not only increased, but became much more complex, it became impossible for one programmer to handle all the responsibilities. Thus a designer is becoming a very different fish.

While the exact responsibilities for each profession are still being figured out, there is one point that appears to now be written in concrete. The designer is more concerned about the actual programming that goes on inside a web site. The developer is more concerned about what the site looks and feels like to an end user.

Both professions also start off similarly. Almost to a man they started as kids who wanted to set up their own blog, site page or even web site. Then they help friends and family. From there, other people or even companies offer to pay them, usually at lower than professional rates. After that, it’s only a matter of time before they enroll at an online school to become full time pros.

One thing a young student should check into is if their school offers tests before they select classes. Many will let the student skip that class if they pass the test, thus making graduating a lot faster. From there, they can select courses in such essential as Java, C++ or HTML as needed. Play it properly and one can walk out with an Associates Degree in Computer Science and start seeing about full time employment. One proviso is these days the field is getting so crowded recruiters now prefer grads with four year degrees.

Usually, the new designer or developer will start at a wage of about $12 to $15 an hour. This is due to many organizations feeling they can get away with kids or international competition rather than home grown talent. Still, there is plenty of work out there, and as the designer gets more sophisticated, the pay rate goes up. It’s quite possible for an experienced designer to earn $60,000 a year, with benefits.

Finding the right classes for one's online education is almost as easy as taking the classes for online web design degrees as online college degree programs offer all the tools needed. And, as for the future? If one billion web sites soon needing to be created or upgraded doesn’t imply there’s enough work out there, then nothing is. Fortunately for designers, and for those with computer science degree, this means there’s plenty of work just waiting for them.

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