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Accredited Distance Learning Degree Programs Offer Students The Humanities Bachelors Degree That Moves Them Into Engaging Careers

Usually during a college student’s sophomore year, said academician sits down and has to decide which exact degree program is just the one for them. They also come into a bit of a conundrum. Do they follow an at least theoretically safe career path, such as a computer technician, some kind of engineer or something similar? Or do they take what many perceive as a much greater occupational risk by getting a degree in the humanities?

Well, don’t hate on the humanities major. Contrary to what some might think, there is actually a need for those with degrees in ancient culture and history, philosophy or the arts. Further, there are those who used their base in studying literature or something similar as ground zero towards launching a successful career.

So just what are the advantages of a Bachelor’s of Arts degree? Just how can it open up a wide range of career possibilities that the STEM professions don’t offer? Actually, it’s not so much what is studied, but what skills and techniques one uses when studying the arts.

An article from the San Francisco Gate pointed out these benefits. Whether at a brick-and-mortar or online college, the advice the article gave to the students drove the argument home.

The main argument for the humanities is these areas of study usually involve an interdisciplinary slate of courses. Students of the humanities usually must approach their subject from a number of different perspectives, such as historical and social implications, as well as a number of other angles. They might even end up studying some “practical” courses such as marketing, finance, economics and politics…even some forms of math and science.

In other words, someone with a humanities degree could end up more a generalist than their more specialized fellow classmates. They will end up with a wider base of information to draw from. There are many who find this sort of thing is something a recruiter can find highly desirable, as they will then train and mold these kinds of students into what they desire for ideal employees.

Even those who choose bachelor’s degrees in more flexible topics still pick up the same marketable skills as those with more focused study programs. The student learning about history will develop essential problem-solving skills in the same way as a student studying computer science. Yes, they may be very different subjects, but at the same time they employ many of the same methods.

As it stands, one other thing that has been definitely proven is those who actually have their bachelor of arts degree in any field earn considerably more than those who don’t. The Department of Labor documented that those with only a high school degree averages $30,000 a year. Those who go on for their Bachelors—in any particular form of study—average $52,000. It didn’t matter if they got a degree in the humanities or in the sciences, getting a distance degree or a degree from online college programs, will pay off handsomely.

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