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Raising Your Page Rank - Things You Need to Understand

The traffic you get from Google isn't just very targeted, it is also free so if you don't work to rank well within this search engine, you will absolutely be leaving money on the table.

Nobody knows exactly what factors into the Google algorithm but everybody knows that the algorithm assigns each page a ranking so that the search engine knows where to put each page in a search results list. It is important for every webmaster or owner to ask him or herself what he or she can do to make sure that the website page rank increases so that the pages rank better in the search results. The following article is going to outline three great ways to boost your PR so that you actually have results you can measure.

Build Relationships: There is a lot that you can get from your website if you build relationships with the other website owners and bloggers in your niche. In terms of raising up your website's page rank, you need to be ready to build and work on relationships with the other websites and blogs that have high page ranks. This is the 'easy' route towards convincing these webmasters to link to you, although it's the less taken path because it's something that takes time. In order to get started, get in touch with relevant websites that target the same topic as yours and look like a potential link partner. You can potentially trade links if that seems feasible.

Go for Quality Link Building: While it is important to get a lot of backlinks when it comes to raising your page rank, it is also important to make sure that those links are of high quality. If your backlinks come from high quality and highly relevant websites it is obvious that this is going to be a positive thing for your site. Google will most likely see that these votes are good things and will be a major plus point as they assign page rank because Google's system is built entirely upon backlinks and ranking pages for specific keywords.

Check for Broken Links: Broken links make your website seem less reliable and will have a detrimental effect on your website's ranking. This is why you need to ensure that you're regularly checking and fixing broken links and HTML errors. If you're using WordPress then checking and taking care of broken links is easy as there are plugins that can help you do the job by monitoring your site and looking for broken links/reporting you when they are found. Each and every tip that we talk about in this article is worth putting to use because, in the end, raising the page rank of your site means taking different forms of action, not just one. You should make sure that you've put several factors in place before you can hope to see any real changes in the ranking of your website pages. There is so much that you can do just by using the things you've learned here to raise your page rank.

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