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Using Article Marketing As A Form Of Link Building

Are you aware of the power of article marketing? Have you ever written an article as a way of promoting your website? Would you like to obtain higher rankings for your blog or website? I am a webmaster of ten websites and three blogs and I have been writing articles to promote these sites for the last five years. Within this article I will be writing about my experiences of article marketing and about the effect it has had on my search rankings and visitor numbers.

To start with I wrote a set of five articles. They were of course on the subject of the only website that I owned at this time. I have to admit that I gained little or no benefit from this amount - or so it would seem. One of my good friends, in fact the person that had introduced me to article marketing, stated that if I stuck with and that if I submitted these articles on a consistent basis, that I would achieve great success within a few months via the amount of one-way backward links that it would provide.

This friend is a person I have known for the majority of my adult life and he is most certainly a person that I feel I can trust. I therefore followed his advice and continued on with writing.

To my great pleasure and some what shock the results were quite amazing. My friend had been proven right, yet again I might add. After only around ten weeks the website had five top ten rankings in Google search results. This was without the use of any form of SEO software, such as SEO powersuite or hiring any form of one-way link building service - it was achieved by my own hard work and patience.

As you can see I am still writing articles today and I plan to continue to do so for many months and years to come.

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