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A Guide for Busy Managers: Strawman Proposals

Below we discuss:

• What a Strawman Proposal is
• Why you may want to build a Strawman Proposal
• Exactly how to build a Strawman Proposal

What is a Strawman Proposal?

• It's a problem-solving tool used in a group setting.
• The purpose of building a Strawman Proposal is to knock it down and rebuild something better.
• The idea behind building a Strawman Proposal is to start with a draft for criticism and testing, and then use the feedback you get to develop further drafts, and eventually a final outcome that is rock solid.

Why Bother to Build a Strawman Proposal

• Sometimes it’s easier to brainstorm possible outcomes when you have somewhere to start.
• It can help you get started versus getting bogged down seeking perfection.
• It includes other stakeholders in the creation of the proposal.

How to Build a Strawman Proposal

1. Create a draft proposal.
2. Show your draft to the rest of the team. Make sure the team knows that the intent is to use it as a discussion starter, and is not the final product or solution.
3. Knock the strawman down. Invite criticism and feedback to create the next version of the proposal.
4. Build your proposal back up again.
5. Test the proposal against your original objectives.
6. Repeat as necessary until you reach your objective.

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Watch our video about Strawman Proposal:

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