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Physical Therapy Assistant - Everything You need to Know Find out about Being a Physical Therapist Assistant

Primary duties of A Physical Therapy Assistant

The duties of a physical therapy assistant are focused on doing different procedures on physical therapy as well as other tasks under the supervision of a physical therapist. Basically, physical therapy assistants are the ones that help physical therapists to provide the medical needs of patients. The help offered by these particular professionals will be aimed towards increasing the mobility, minimizing pain and avoiding permanent physical handicaps of the sufferers that happen to be struggling with particular diseases or have been through some injuries. Most of the time, the patients are those people suffering from heart ailments, rheumatoid arthritis, lumbar pain, head injuries, fractures as well as cerebral palsy.

There are various treatment procedures that may be assigned to a physical therapist assistant, such as massages, exercises, electrical stimulation, traction, paraffin baths, and ultrasound. They're in charge of recording the results of patients to these procedures and should give the physical therapist all the outcomes of the particular treatmetns and tests. All the said tasks are to be done by physical therapy assistants under the supervision of physical therapists.

Working Conditions and Income

Every physical therapy assistant vary in terms of how long in a day they work and their hours pretty much is determined by the facility they are working in and whether they are employed part time or full time. There are actually lots of physical therapy clinics which are open 24/7, meaning there's a possibility that a PT assistant will be asked to be on duty for long hours and in some cases on weekends. In the mean time, the regular earnings of physical therapist assistants were reported to be $37,890 in the year 2004, which happens to be based on data from the federal government.

Education and Certification

Usually, physical therapist assistants attain their associate degree from physical therapist assistant programs provided by a number of authorized physical therapy assistant schools. When it comes to licensure, its not all states require that physical therapy assistants be signed up and accredited to be eligible to practice. However in states in which licensure is required, there are actually certain educational standards that have to be fulfilled as a way to request for licensure.

An accredited physical therapist assistant program is to be completed for two years or four semesters. These kinds of courses involve both practical healthcare training and academic study. The academic classes include anatomy, algebra, physiology, chemistry, biology and psychology. You may also take programs that give lectures on CPR, which will make you qualified to have a CPR certification. With the variety of training programs offered for physical therapy assistants, it is important that you know which ones will be useful for your career in the future.

A physical therapy assistant's job is undoubtedly a lucrative one given that there are numerous job opportunities that may be available to any physical therapist assistant. Choose one of the better and state accredited physical therapy assistant schools for the greatest education.

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