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Management Tip of the Day for Busy Managers and Leaders: How to Mentor Someone

Someone has asked you to be their mentor. First, you arrange a meeting. Now what? This week the Wily Manager guys talk about how to mentor someone. If you have never had a mentor yourself, this is required reading.

Monday's Tip (How To Mentor Someone): Say no if you are not committed. Being a Mentor will take energy and time. If you are not sure if you can commit the effort, you should decline the invitation.

Tuesday's Tip (How To Mentor Someone): Act like a Role Model. Your actions will always speak louder than your words, and as a mentor, you will be closely observed.

Wednesday's Tip (How To Mentor Someone): Be an amazingly great listener. The ability to listen empathetically is a basic requirement to be a mentor. The better your listening skills, the more effective a mentor you will be.

Thursday's Tip (How To Mentor Someone): Don’t pull punches – tell ‘em what they might not want to hear. It is difficult to tell people things they do not want to hear, but this is likely the most important function of being a mentor.

Friday's Tip (How To Mentor Someone): Put some structure around the relationship – a mentorship agreement. A mentorship agreement will document roles and responsibilities of all parties. This tiny bit of structure will make any mentoring relationship that much better.

3 Things to Remember About How To Mentor Someone:

1) Don’t bother if you aren't committed. A mentoring relationship will take some energy and time. If you are not able to make that investment, you should decide early on NOT to do it.
2) It’s about accelerating development. Mentoring relationships are intended to advance the career of the mentee, and skill building. If you are uncomfortable in such a role, you should not volunteer.
3) Use a mentoring agreement. A bit of structure can advance the relationship significantly.

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