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Google Appropriates Motorola

Google is on the move to acquire Motorola Mobility. Google said to be the online adveising as well as search company is going to purchase the company for around $ 12.5 billion also described as $ 40 per share in cash. The representation of price is a premium of 63 per cent to the closing price of Motorola Mobility shares. At the last count Google consisted of $ 39 billion in cash. The more crucial part of PR is now considered as why and what haapens to Android now. With acquisition of Motorola Mobility, the dedicator of Android partner will enable Google to amplify the ecosystem of Android as well as enhance the competition of mobile computing.

Android will be within proprietorship of Motorola Mobility and at the same time the Android will remain open. Google is going to conduct Motorola Mobility as a separate business. The co-founder of Google Larry Page said that the acquisition of Motorola by Google has been made not only because of its strength in Android Smartphones and devices but also for it is the market leader in the devices of home as well as video solutions business. This move has also been taken for building the patent portfolio of the company. This move will allow people to provide better protection to Android from the anti-competitive threats from Microsoft, Apple as well as various different companies.

As per the website of Motorola Mobility the company approximately holds 14,600 granted patents as well as 6,700 pending patent applications worldwide as of January 2011. Until January 2011 Motorola Mobility was used for the division of Mobile devices of Motorola. Few years ago, Motorola bet for its future in the world of mobile devices by taking full of Android by launching the “Droid” that was the initial on the Verizon network in the year 2009. Followed to this, the year 2011 came out with the release the “Droid X” and “Droid 2”. Now the big question that arises is that how the various companies such as HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and Acer, Lenovo as well as various other Android device makers will response to this news? Google update that there are some of them that had already gave comments.

The total commitment of Motorola Mobility with Android has created a natural fit for both the companies. Together, they are on the way to create an amazing user experience that will supercharge the entire ecosystem of Android for the benefits of the consumers, partners as well as developers. The CEO of Motorola Mobility said that this transaction had offered a significant value for the stock holders of Motorola Mobility and provided persuasive new opportunity for the employees, customers as well as partners all round the world. Motorola has built up a productive partnership with Google to advance the platform of Android.

With this combination the companies will be able to do even more innovative as well as will go on delivering the outstanding mobility solutions across the mobile devices as well as home businesses. With the merger you should start with your search where you can take help of Job finder. You can even search for the openings on the London job finder service site.

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