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Discover Ways To Cope With Tough Challenges After Med School

You have faced plenty of challenges and you have managed to graduate from the med school. Congratulations for that success of yours.

But trials are still there despite the achievement you have. You can still face the licensure exams, training, and the nerve-wracking interviews.

In this post, let us give focus on the most crucial preparations for any future medical interview like ITU interview.

To make your preparations more effective during the actual interview, you need to mix it up with confidence.

If in case you are really set for a medical interview, particularly, ED interview, you need to prepare your curriculum vitae, dress, and how you handle yourself in the event.

Your credentials for the job will be described by your curriculum vitae to any possible employers. It is responsible in describing your qualifications for the job. If you are slated for an interview, lucky for you because the employer has interests in your credentials.

I think that interview is really hard to pass because you are usually asked by a handful of people in the interview panel. The members of the interview member may include the clinical director, chief executive officer (CEO), clinical director, staff from the human resource (HR) department, and external college representative. You need to establish a good first impression because these people have influential functions in the organization or the company.

You need to be mindful that several questions will be raised to you, particularly about your qualifications to the job. You need to shape your answers to some typical interview questions like why do you wanted to be a doctor and why you choose paediatrics or internal medicine as your specialization. Your experiences in med school, clinical practice, and achievements will also be questioned..

If you are really not into the medical specialization you chose, you can really find hardships in answering it. I mean if you don’t have passion into something, you are vulnerable to failure because you don’t have a firm reason to cling to. You need to pour out your compassion and hunger for the job to pass the interview.

Apart from the curriculum vitae and the questions, you also need to be mindful on your actions during the interview. If you don't have appropriate behavior, all of the preparations you have will be pointless. Look into the eyes of the interviewers if they ask you questions. You need to perform a gentle handshake to each interview panel member before and after the interrogation.

You must not also forgot about the most appropriate interview dress. You will definitely receive negative feedback if you are wearing informal dresses like you are waiting for a bus to come. Wear business suits and be formal, however, you should not forget about your confidence though.

You have lots of competitors and you should do your best or you will not get the better spot for you.

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