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If You Are Posting To Free For All Sites You Should Not Waste Your Time

Astonishingly enough, but you may still find free for all sites throughout the web In case any of you are unacquainted I'll explain just what a free for all site is. This is a website were you can post a 1 line ad with a backlink to your website. When they first came out, folks would work with them as a quick and easy method to build links to their sites. At present the search engines frown upon any individual working with this technique in order to build links. In this post we will be speaking about why this is such a bad idea and why you need to avoid it.

I know a number of you remain tempted to publish on these sites. Some individuals might not understand the attraction, but I do. You can take your link and publish it on one site and you could end up having your website linked to a large number of other sites instantly. Just about every free for all site are part of a community of sites, and there can actually be thousands of sites in one network. But what most folks don't realize is the fact that these types of websites are pointless. And to top the fact that these Internet websites are worthless, you may actually wind up being banned by the search engines. Should you be interested in running a blog then take a look at this make money with blogs blog

The explanation for this is because when just about any site ends up getting thousands of links instantly, the search engines recognize that their is something fishy going on. More than likely you understand yourself that this form of linking is just not normal. And due to this Google and also the other major search engines frown on receiving links like that.

Now as your link is not just posted on one site but possibly thousands this may lead to other troubles as well. Now everybody who owns one of these types of sites gets your email address once you post and whether you knew it or not you literally gave them authorization to email you. And when thousands of people have your email address they're able to actually email you anytime they want. Which means that in no time your email mailbox could be full of junk every day. If you look at it, the only benefit is going to the people that started up an ffa site to start with.

Many of you are already aware that right now there really are great white hat ways to build links, and these are the methods you should be using in your link building. If you truly want to construct links and stay on the good side of search engines like Google you will have to make sure your not making use of these types of sites. For any person thinking about blogging then this amazing blog which is about make money blogging is necessary.

One other thing you should keep clear of will be link farms. Link farms are generally just as bad for your web page as ffa sites. The basis of this is that you develop loads of sites on different ip addresses and link every one of them with each other and also have a backlink that points to your money site on every page. While I have not heard much about this within the last year, individuals are still doing it, but they do not realize that Google is wise to this trick. Google and also the other search engines need to see all natural linking so avoid using the link farm technique or the ffa websites.

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