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How To Pick The Best Nursing School

Nurses, without doubt, serve an essential function in our society. Nurses are the professionals who assist doctors and take care of those people who are in dire need of medical assistance. Basically, there are different types of nursing as a profession, one of which is as a licensed practical nurse or LPNs. They are the nurses that provide patients with basic bedside care. A part of their tasks are to have and record the patient’s vital signs including bodyweight, height, blood pressure level, temperature, respiration as well as pulse. A licensed practical nurse is also responsible for providing injections, monitoring catheters, dressing wounds in addition to giving rubs to patients.

Job Description of a Licensed nurse

Typically, a licensed practical nurse works 40 hours a week. In medical facilities where there’s a need to monitor a patient round the clock, an LPN can be needed to work nights, holiday seasons as well as weekends. Being a licensed practical nurse is never an easy job. LPNs need to be on their feet most of the time and really should always be alert in assisting patients when they stand, move around and even move in bed. What we normally don't know is that these nurses are vulnerable to infectious diseases also. They're also prone to having back problems and stress from their workloads.

Training and Career Improvements

It is imperative that a person go to any of the state accredited LPN nursing schools to qualify for licensure. Quite often, an LPN student would need to take a training course for a year in hospitals, colleges or vocational schools. To be admitted to these schools, an applicant needs to have a high school degree, but there are some training programs that also accept students without a diploma. Basically, a practical nursing program could involve both supervised patient care and also classroom study. On the other hand, licensed practical nurses actually have great job opportunities. This particular profession is sought after in numerous countries also, so there are always a lot of job vacancies for LPNs in medical centers as well as other health care establishments.

Licensure and Other Requirements

To have licensure as an LPN, graduates of LPN schools are required to pass the National Council Licensure Examination, the computer based examination which is administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. This examination will include 4 primary categories of nursing, such as health promotion and maintenance, safe and effective care environment, physiological integrity and psychosocial integrity. The requirements for this licensure test also differ according to the state.

There is no doubt that it is challenging to become an LPN given that a licensed practical nurse needs to help out patients in every movement that they make. Be sure to choose among the top LPN schools to guarantee excellent education and training. Learn more about LPN schools in this site.

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