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Google Chrome Browser 12 - Named As Speedy Browser Of The Globe

Google Chrome is apparently given the name as fastest browser over the Globe . At least this is what the result of the recent test says. This also measures the loading speed of websites. The test was conducted on the basis of broadband connection and theuploading time of the website was measured from the viewpoint of users . Around 1.86 Billion people gave their readings on more than 200 sites in theperiod of one month . The browsers that were tested are Chrome 10, 11 and 12, Mozilla Firefox 3, 4, 5, Safari 4 and 5 as well as Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9. The results have revealed a big surprise and declared Google Chrome to be the winner and given it the name of the fastest browser in the world.

As per the test, Only Google Chrome took the least time of 3.433 seconds to load . On the other end, Apple’s Safari 4 was ranked as the slowest browser in terms of loading time which is 6.149 seconds almost double the amount of time taken by Google Chrome and later the IE7 with 6.006 seconds. Second measurement was taken from the point of view of time taken by the visible parts of the website to load on the browser. Speciously, this time Google Chrome was ranked on second position with 2374 seconds, however it came from a short distance from the Mozilla Firefox 5 which is the fastest one as its first image appeared in just 218 seconds. IE and Safari browswers take a lot of time to load as in contrast to other browsers .
T.he measurements are said to be more reliable just because they have not been carried out in a lab but have been evaluated in the real world with measuring on how the population in reality experience web browsing. Utilities, games anddiverse types of web applications are present in the Google Chrome web store for its users . Besides this you can also search extensions and themes. There are many more new good-looking themes have been introduced in Google Chrome. The themes are elementary and basically resumed to provide background wallpaper which is applied on the home page and graphical texture or colours that are put on the tabs as well as on the top bar.

The themes that are present on Mozilla Firefox, similar themes will soon come up with Google Chrome . When we talk about modifications in Google Chrome, then it is not the theme makers who are blamed but they are the developers. They still have not introduced a module that could permit the modifications of buttons, tabs as well as other browsing elements. It might be done by a skilled programmer or more who can modify the source-code. However it is said that the future themes will be more elaborated. The total number of themes evaluates to approximately 2000 but at present nothing is said about the functions of these themes. Similar to good browser people also require good websites and to create good website you need to have good SEO services. To get some information of how you can take benefits of SEO services look at advertising in London service site.

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