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Beat The Heat With Chocolate Custard

If you are a chocolate lover, you will not be shocked to hear that chocolate ice cream is hands-down America's favorite ice cream flavour. But do you know that custard ice cream is the most flavorsome of all? Custard chocolate ice cream has a deep and rich chocolate flavour as it contains both cocoa powder and semisweet dark chocolate. Its silky smooth texture comes from making the ice cream with a custard base.

This summer, use creamy chocolate custard ice cream to help beat the heat! All your mates, neighbors, and family members will love to enjoy your company and a delicious bowl of this chocolaty treat on a hot summer evening.

Chocolate flavored ice creams made with custard are made from cream, sugar, eggs, vanilla, cocoa powder, and mouth-watering semisweet dark chocolate. Each ingredient makes a contribution to the ice cream's smooth texture and rich flavor. The amount of cream used and its butterfat content gives ice cream its rich and creamy taste. Sugar and eggs are used to extend the sweetness and the smoothness of the custard. The semisweet dark chocolate and the cocoa powder give the custard the incomparable taste of savory chocolate. The most impressive results come when the custard is formed the evening before and left in the fridge overnight to chill adequately before it is churned. It is highly important the custard only fills half to two-thirds of the ice cream machine. This gives the custard adequate room to grow when it freezes so that the ice cream is finished off with a light texture and no graininess.

The ice cream is still quite soft once it's been churned in the machine, so it is moved to a storage container and placed in the fridge for two hours before serving. This also permits the tastes to mellow. Though handcrafted ice cream is best on the day it is formed, it can be stored for a fortnight in the fridge. It becomes quite hard after being frozen, so it is defrosted in the refrigerator for approximately 30 mins before serving.
Now that you know how delicious chocolate custard ice cream is created, maybe you can try this process on your own. Whether you make it on your own or purchase this cool and tasty treat, it is bound to hit the spot this summer.

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