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10 New Ideas For Successfully Promoting Your Ebook On Talk Radio

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For practically twenty years, we’ve been telling you about the value of talk radio as a means for selling your e-book to the masses. As one of many country’s prime suppliers of radio shows across the country, we schedule anywhere from 50 to a hundred interviews week in and week out. Because of our close working relationship with the media, we all know what works and what doesn’t. Because we would like you to succeed with talk radio, listed below are ten new “inside” tips that can assist you become the kind of guest every host desires to have on his or her show:

1. Be real. Present yourself the best way that you actually are. Don’t put up a false or manufactured front. If an audience perceives you to be fake, your message will fail. Be REAL. Be who you really are.

2. Be delicate about political views. If you're discussing a controversial political problem, at all times attempt to acknowledge that the other side has some good points. Do not forget that radio audiences are diverse. By “giving and taking,” you will win credibility points with your entire audience.

3. Familiarize yourself with the current news climate. Keep up to date on present occasions and present yourself as the “skilled” on your topic. Don’t be caught unaware about a present or breaking news story that pertains to your book. Projecting yourself as educated will help to build your credibility with listeners.

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4. Tie-in a local angle if at all possible. Whether you're talking to a radio show out of St. Louis, Detroit, or Sacramento, make sure to tie the {local area in to what you might be saying. For example, in case your e-book is about the financial system or real estate, talk about the unemployment rate or real estate values in that particular city. By localizing the message as much as possible, you draw your listening audience in even further, and more importantly, you keep them tuned in and interested in your message.

5. Do NOT use a cell phone. At all times ensure to use a secure landline for all your interviews. Cell phones are unreliable for on-the-air interviews and you stand the chance of getting cut off in the course of your interview. Obviously, this is a major pet peeve of talk radio hosts as they now need to fill the time originally set aside for your interview. No host likes to have the timing and pace of his show screwed up. If your interview is cut short because of mobile phone problems, don’t expect them to put you back on the air or reschedule you.

6. Don’t forget to hit on your key points. Sometimes you may get so wrapped up in the conversation you're having with the host or from call-ins by listeners that you simply lose sight of your principal message. Attempt to at all times remember your principal focus and don’t get too off-topic.

7. Match your interview pace with that of the radio host. If the host is a “fast-talker,” pick up the pace. If the host’s style is slow and easy, do your best to adapt. By adapting to the host’s rhythm, you’ll develop a greater camaraderie with him. The positive rapport between you and the host will hold regular listeners interested in your message.

8. Restrict numbers and statistics throughout your interview. When you have a specific statistic that you simply think applies very strongly to your message, use it and hammer it home. However be careful…if you throw too many numbers at the audience, you will lose their interest and they will tune out.

9. If you're in the dark about an issue, don’t fake it! If you aren’t aware of a problem the host brings up or don’t know the answer to a query, don’t be afraid to confess it. You'll lose immediate credibility by pretending to know something when you actually don’t. Alternatively, your credibility goes through the roof when you are perceived by listeners as being honest.

10. Attempt to give your interviews an intimate feel. Do not forget that radio is a one-on-one medium. Talk to the host in a personal and conversational manner, and if there are callers, do the same with them. This can help keep the audience interested ’ll be more likely to relate to you.

Keep in mind---your intention for each interview is to enlighten the listening audience about your e-book and interest them in buying it.

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