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Work From Home Provides Me With The Flexibility To Take Advantage Of Last Minute Arrangements.

As I Work from home I am enjoying loads of benefits from being in total control of my own diary. Today provided a very good example. As normalI often do I awoke fairly early, about 6.30 this morning. Getting started can be a bit slow however for whatever reason I missed breakfast this morning and got started on my duties by around 7. A considerable amount of work from home, especially Online jobs, can be done anytime. I write to a large extent in what I do so I do not have to hang around for others to get into work.

So today I was pretty much up to date with all the important duties by lunchtime. As luck would have it, no sooner had I finished my final job when the phone rang from an oldacquaintance who was booked in to play a round of golf. His usual playing partner had cancelled, ironically because of work commitments, did I want to fill the gap? Of course I was at the club in plenty of time and with a clear conscience in the knowledge that a full days work had been done. The individual who cancelled doesn’t work from home and so doesn’t enjoy the kind of control over his routine that I enjoy.

This also though illustrates the importance of discipline and day planning. Because I had got all my must do tasks out of the way very early on in the day, that meant I was in a position to respond to my chums proposal. If I had taken a gently approach to the day and spread my jobs out, then I could have missed this opportunity. Parkinsons laws says that work expands to fill the time available and I am able to vouch from experience that this occurs nowhere more than if you work from home. Do not let this law spoil your golf, take charge and organise your routine like I did.

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