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Villas for Sale Kefalonia: Purchasing a Villa

One dream that numerous people have is buying a holiday home. Having the means to get away from the boring, depressing winter, to go to a sun-soaked place such as the gorgeous island of Kefalonia-which is just off Greece’s west coast-is a goal for a lot more folks than you realise. Making those dreams real is not as hard as your may think. There are so many villas for sale. Kefalonia is a hospitable and friendly location. Following is some info in regards to acquiring property on this island.

Villas for Sale Kefalonia: Finding Your Dream Property

With the Web available, you can find countless sites with houses and also villas for sale. Kefalonia is really a sociable, budget-friendly locale for a holiday home, and a diligent search online can generate many enviable pieces of real estate. Next, you need to take a trip to Kefalonia to take a look at the real estate. You really need to employ a local organisation because they are knowledgeable of every inch of this welcoming, energetic island. Whenever you have scheduled quite a few appointments, all you have to do is simply visit the properties and select the one you would like to purchase.

Villas for Sale Kefalonia: Dealing with Legal and Monetary Issues

It's a good idea to engage a local lawyer in Kefalonia. A local lawyer will ensure that the title to your property is clear, will help fix the assessed value, and ensure that the property is free from any tax liabilities that would pass to the new owner. It's important to understand that property transactions in Kefalonia always are attended by lawyers who have been retained by both the buyer and seller. Also, a very important person in this transaction is a notary, who checks over every document connected with this sale.

Villas for Sale Kefalonia: Some Important Details

Whenever you have decided on a piece property, it is required that you sign a preliminary sales contract, then make a down payment of 10% of the sale amount of the property. If you back out of the sale at this point, you will lose your deposit. However, if it is the seller that changes his/her mind, your deposit will be returned and you will also get an additional amount of money which is the same as your deposit amount. All the necessary documentation takes around 6 weeks to be completed. When all the above is completed, you must put your signature on a binding, final contract which the notary sets up. The seller and the purchaser both have their attorneys present when the final agreement is signed.

Villas for Sale Kefalonia: Purchase Costs

The purchasing party is responsible for paying the VAT and purchase tax; this amount is in accordance with the legally assessed value of this property, rather than the selling cost. Sometimes, the officially appraised value may be as much as 33% below the purchase price. For most of the real estate, taxes are around 10%. Legal fees are 1 to 2% of the assessed value, and notary fees are 1 to 2%, also based on the assessed value.

Oftentimes, you cannot generalise concerning the costs of holiday homes as well as villas for sale. Kefalonia has a good cadre of local lawyers and authorities, of whom you should make good use.

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