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First and Second Assistant Director

The first and second director on a film assist the director by making certain the shoot runs smoothly. Both carry a great deal of responsibility and control over the set. The following is really a short outline on the duties and responsibilities of a first and second director.

The first assistant director acts as the right-hand man (or woman) of the director. There are instances when the responsibilities of the first director is almost the same using the director. The first assistant director may function using the actors to rehearse a scene or go over the blocking, and may also function using the extras to ensure they comprehend their role in the scene. They are also responsible for checking to create certain that the movie is becoming filmed at its expected pace. If the shoot fails to match the desired production schedule, there is a huge chance that it will go over the set budget, which frequently provides producers issues and headaches. The first assistant director is there to keep the schedule on track. To that end, he or she is also tasked with making certain the cast and crew signs in on time, and to usually keep the shoot rolling along at a great pace.

The 1 calls out "cut", "action" together with other terms used to signal the synchronization of sound and picture will be the first assistant director. By running all of the logistical elements of the shot, it permits the film director to focus on the action of the scene, and not get bogged down in technicalities.

To ensure that orders of the first assistant director are carried out will be the job of the second assistant director and he or she reports to the first assistant director. The second assistant director works using the production coordinator in the creation of the every day call sheets, that is a list of the crew, actors, and extras which are required on the set during that day together with transportation requirements. It is also the second who hustles the actors to get their hair, make up, and wardrobe carried out, while catering to their needs at the same time. Once actors are camera-ready, the Second is responsible for getting them to the set in a timely manner.

Somewhat surprisingly, due to their titles, first and second assistant directors rarely go on to turn out to be actual film directors these days. Because their responsibilities fall into the category of production instead of creative, the production department or even producing are the next most likely areas to function in for a first and second assistant director.

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