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Baby Boomers in the Workforce: Management Tip of the Day for Busy Leaders

You have worked hard, and now you’ve got a team of people working for you. Unfortunately, half that team is older than you, and some of them are a whole generation removed from your reality. It’s like having your mum as a direct report. Now what? Find out this week at Wily Manager.

Monday's Tip (Baby Boomers In The Workforce): Remember what shaped them: Many of today’s Baby Boomers are the Hippees of the sixties. They have plenty of money, and grew up in a time of relative peace. They bring all these influences to work with them every day.

Tuesday's Tip (Baby Boomers In The Workforce): Boomers work hard. Boomers popularized workoholism, and do not value work-life balance for themselves, or for others in the way that later generations do.

Wednesday's Tip (Baby Boomers In The Workforce): Boomers respond to status and prestige more so than other generations. Important Job Titles, and corner offices are important to this generation. Younger generations sometimes have difficulty understanding this.

Thursday's Tip (Baby Boomers In The Workforce): They're starting to age (reluctantly). Some respect for the fact that many Baby Boomers are beginning to deal with the early signs of aging is required when managing them.

Friday's Tip (Baby Boomers In The Workforce): You can learn from Boomers. They have seen many things come and go, and it is wise to listen carefully to Boomers for your own learning, as well as to acknowledge the fact they are valued. Just don’t communicate by text message!

Three Things to Remember About Your Baby Boomers In The Workforce:

Three things that frustrate Baby Boomers in the workforce about other generations:

1. Generation X has no company loyalty. They'll jump ship quickly, and without regard for the organization.
2. Generation Y has no patience. They seem to be unwilling to “pay their dues”.
3. Traditionalists rules and values are out of touch with modern reality.

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