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About Your Network Bandwidth Monitor: Eliminate Unwanted Expenses

Most IT professionals today are aware of the value in thorough network management. The worth and value that comes from measuring bandwidth usage continues to allude the understanding of many professionals in the industry. If you’re managing your network but neglecting the use of a quality network bandwidth monitor, you may be missing out on some significant benefits.

network bandwidth monitor

Why Is Bandwidth Monitoring Important?

Did you know that your ISP restricts the amount of bandwidth your company is able to access? It does. When companies exceed this limit they receive charges from their providers that are often times overlooked and unrealized. Prevent unnecessary fees by understanding the actual needs of your network by using a network bandwidth monitor. This information is especially useful when it comes to selecting the right ISP to work with.

With bandwidth usage being understood it still remains true that the network should be shared relatively equally among all employees. For obvious reasons this thought is not always realized.

Reigning in over usage of movie or music downloads as well as other network hogging procedures will help regulate critical bandwidth requirements more evenly. Here are typical activities that can cause your network bandwidth to slow down:

  • Streaming audio
  • eMail spam
  • Skype
  • Limewire
  • Streaming video

When traffic jams are experienced by your network the result can negatively impact company employees as they proceed to accomplish their business responsibilities. Avoid inefficiencies by observing your bandwidth distribution with a reliable bandwidth monitoring device.

Performance issues that arise on your network can also be identified using a network bandwidth monitor. A few instances of slower upload or download speeds should not be of too much concern, as it’s not unusual for networks to experience slower periods from time to time.

When frequent serious problems arise your bandwidth monitor will be able to notify and advise accordingly. Network latency is another factor you can measure on your network with a network bandwidth monitor.

*** How Can I Monitor My Network Bandwidth? ***

Spiceworks provides free a network bandwidth monitor that’ll allow you to analyze bandwidth usage—without having to spend a cent—ever! Manage your Internet usage with a network bandwidth monitor. Spiceworks.com is 100% free IT software – no trials, freemiums, or upsells.

For more great tips about network bandwidth monitoring visit www.Spiceworks.com because we help make your system profitable when it comes to network latency.

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