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My Working From Home Lifestyle Diary – A Daily Log of Benefits And Drawbacks Of Working From Home – Day One

From today I am beginning to keep a record of my daily tasks and record notes of the things I do each day in an attempt to identify the benefits and difficulties of a Work from home business. I work from home as a writer and this usually works very well, however I need to arrange things so that I have long intervals of concentration so I can complete my writing to deadline. And by deciding to diarise in this way I have just appended another small writing duty to my daily to do list.
I intend to jot down the days happenings as the last job each day, this will need extra discipline. However discipline is what the work from home lifestyle is all about. Generally you are working alone, with no co workers to offer help for what you are trying to do.

Today was relatively normal. Rising reasonably early is always a flying start and a 7 a.m. rising time put me at my desk before 8 a.m. Most days I have to put in about five hours of writing, today was as normal. I do Online jobs a fair amount, usually contributing to a number of blogs. Today I additionally had some advertising copy to generate for one of my clients. This kept me in my study well into the afternoon.

Had a small number of e mails today, non required action and the weather was inviting, warm and sunny, so I put in two hours in the garden. Everyday manual jobs give the brain a bit of time off so this is great thinking time. Fresh thoughts come to me when I’m carrying out routine duties, so I can justify retreating to the garden. When I’m doing this I keep a notebook with me so I can writet down any useful ideas.
I didn’t drive today, no errands to run or meetings to go to, so the car didn’t move and I used no petrol. Good for the planet. And my final job today is to record this log entry, to be completed by 6.30 p.m.

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